Queens Shopping Totes

High fashion shopping totes for a ladies' fashion store – two concepts. Zwei Gestaltungskonzepte für hochwertige Einkaufstüten für eine Modeboutique mit hochpreisigen, wertvollen Artikeln.

Three sizes of shopping totes for a high fashion store for women – two concepts.
The smaller two volumes are designed for a woman's special valuables: Like in a safe in which the golden jewels shine from within, the totes should keep the fine clothes safe. Precious things need to be protected, even locked. And the sun begins to shine when the bag is opened. Like when "she" wears her new fashionable outfit.
The third and biggest size has another concept. If a lady buys so many items that she will get a big tote, she usually does not want to be very eye-catching. The target group does not necessarily want to be seen spending lots of money. For this reason, the bigger size is more discreet but valuable and glamourous at the same time.

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